Are you having trouble sleeping? Feeling tired? Irritable? Or simply feeling “off”? This could be your hormones.

Watch our interview with Dr. Sarah Wulkan, ND., about the significant impact hormonal changes can have on us emotionally and physically during perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause.

Dr. Wulkan is a wealth of knowledge in the field of preventative medicine, and she shares with us her holistic approach to achieving optimal health and maintaining internal balance.

We discuss hormones and fluctuations, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and how to manage troubling symptoms and uncover underlying biological changes.

We hope you enjoy our discussion with Dr. Wulkan as much as we enjoyed having it!

To contact Dr. Wulkan, you can DM her at @dr.wulkan.nd or visit her website at

**this interview was recorded before Covid protocols were put in place. **

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