We’re heading right into flu season so now’s a good time to boost your immune system.

We’ve got a simple but potent recipe for you that’s sure to give you that boost!

An uber-health-conscious friend shared this concoction with me a year ago to help ward off bugs and germs during flu season 🦠 We swore by it all last winter and were pretty germ free, so we are back at it again! Thanks Marnie! 🙋🏻‍♀️

👉You need:

  • 👍🏼 A juicer (or a blender – after you blend, strain the juice)
  • 👍🏼 ¼ cup chopped fresh organic ginger
  • 👍🏼¼ cup chopped fresh organic turmeric
  • 👍🏼¼ tsp fresh black pepper
  • 👍🏼¼ tsp olive oil (to help absorb the turmeric)
  • 👍🏼2 peeled lemons
  • 👍🏼1 peeled orange

*Orange optional (to add sweetness)


  1. ✔️Add *orange, lemon, turmeric and ginger to the juicer (or high-speed blend, then strain)
  2. ✔️Sprinkle black pepper to the top, et voila – you’re ready to throw back a shot or two!
  3. ✔️You can freeze the pulp in cubes to save for future smoothies!

👌 Health Benefits:

  • ✨Ginger: a natural anti-inflammatory + antioxidant with powerful medicinal properties (gingerol), aids digestion + relieves nausea
  • ✨Tumeric: used for 1000s of years for its medicinal properties, has potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging properties, improves brain function, lowers heart disease, can help prevent cancer + Alzheimer’s, can reduce arthritis + depression.
  • ✨Black pepper helps boost the absorption of turmeric by up to 2,000%!!
  • ✨Lemon: great source of Vit C, reduces risk of heart disease + stroke, helps control weight, prevent kidney stones, prevent anemia, reduce cancer risks and improve digestion + constipation while alkalizing in the body.

💥Try a shot or two first thing in the morning and see for yourself! It has a bite to it, consider yourselves warned!! But so so good for you!