I have had the pleasure of knowing Mitchell Freedland for over seven years. He has worked with my husband and I on two of our homes, and I hope to convince him to work with us on our next one! His creativity is endless, his ideas timeless and his taste impeccable.

In hoping to retain Mitchell, you aren’t interviewing a designer; he is interviewing you. When the call came that he had agreed to work with us, we were over the moon as we knew the value he would add to our home would be immeasurable.

Educated at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto where he received his Honours Diploma in Environmental Design, Mitchell also earned the designation of Registered Interior Designer (RID) in 1990. Prior to establishing his namesake firm in 1993, Mitchell was associated as an interior designer with Norma King Design Inc. in Toronto and New York, and James K.M Cheng Architects Inc. in Vancouver. With two decades of experience in a myriad of projects, Mitchell is known for creating timeless contemporary designs. Trends come and go, but Mitchell’s aim is to create timeless fashion-forward designs.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mitchell to discuss design tips, find out where he gets his inspiration from and get the scoop on how he stays balanced with such a busy career.

Q: How long have you been an interior designer?

36 years (ish)

Q: What do you feel is the biggest faux pas people do in their homes?

Poor lighting. Good lighting is as easy as having proper table and task lamps, as well as inexpensive directional lights.

Q: If someone has a limited budget what would be the one thing you would recommend they focus on?

Good art! It will stay with you and nourish your soul.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration and design ideas?

Mainly travel. To experience something or somewhere, cannot be replaced by a book or magazine. It is a constant source. Exposure to other places and cultures, never fails to inspire Not that I don’t obsess over books too!

Q: What (if any) location (country/city etc.) has provided the most inspiration?

Difficult to say as there are so many, but Italy and Japan quickly come to mind

Q: What are your top tips for a Beautiful home?

Surround yourself with things of meaning and do not be afraid to edit. Fresh flowers are always a welcome touch. Keep it authentic and avoid trends

Q: What do you suggest clients do to create an oasis?

It depends on what one needs; but it usually involves one room that has a personal meaning to rejuvenate in. (bath, bed, study or mancave all come to mind)

Q: How does one make their home feel warm and welcoming?

Creating harmony and balance. This comes from many points of view. Continuity of colour played against relations of form, aid in achieving the charm of a unifying environment.

Q: What are your tips to tie each room together?

It can be as easy as a consistent colour palate, to a series of complimentary colours. It is a matter of the rooms having a dialogue with each other to create a sense of flow and visual ease.

Q: What are your thoughts on clutter in a home? Any tips on reducing clutter in a room – staying more minimal?

It is all in how one organizes it. Find relations in form and shape. Rotate collectables to keep them visually fresh (not everything has to be out at once)

Q: Any tips when it comes to choosing a paint colour?

Every space has a different quality of light. Try several of your favourite shades to achieve the sweet spot!

Q: What are your thoughts on paint consistency throughout the home (i. e. baseboard and ceiling same colour as walls etc.) and transitioning wall colours.

This varies on the desired effect. All one colour, blurs boundaries, contrasting colours articulate architectural form and lines.

Q: Do you still recommend eggshell on walls, flat on ceilings and semi-gloss on trim?

It is most practical, but with new products there are options, so ask different paint suppliers for possible variations

Q: How do you feel about wall coverings (i.e. wallpaper)?

Love them! From grass cloth to linen, to wild over scale prints, they have a way to transform a room dramatically!

Q: Any tips for selecting accent pieces?

I love unusual things, that would add a little tension to a room

Q: How does one choose art?

With one’s heart! Start by asking questions at local galleries, it will build knowledge and confidence and give you a sense of what price points are available and comfortable.

Q: How do you design a home to remain timeless?

Avoid trends and be true to quality.

Q: How do you stay healthy? What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

Heathy? What’s that? Working does take a lot of my time, but the gym truly helps keep me going.

Q: How do you and Sean stay balanced with such busy careers?

Alcohol! Seriously, our day to day is very consistent, but taking little breaks and travel helps us keep it together.

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